frames, boundaries, fences, walls,

To be aware of ourselves, our identity, to elevate ourselves, self-importance, ownership, national pride, all these human behaviours are such that we build walls and fences around us. From the very earlierst of times, frames around the landscape whether it is our current invisible borders between countries, or a simple wooden frames around our favorite picture, it tells of how we as humans, have had the need to distinguish us from them, self from others in the name of nationality, identity, nativity, indigenousness, etc.

Here are some evidences manifested in a town plannings of “walled cities” ::

Cassonne, France.

carcassone, france


carcassonne, france

Below: Noerdlingen, Germany

Noerdlingen, Germany

Below – Heusden and Naarden, Netherlands::

 Heusden and Naarden, both in Netherlands

Below – Utrecht, in the Netherlands


(all images via – dark roasted blend)

Below – Villandry Gardens::

Chateau Villandry Herb Gardens

Below – Mona Lisa::


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