“The Cove”

This is the most tragic documentary I have seen this year.

The Cove follows a team of activists and filmmakers as they infiltrate a heavily-guarded cove in Taiji, Japan. In this remote village they witness and document activities deliberately being hidden from the public: More than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises are being slaughtered each year and their meat, containing toxic levels of mercury, is being sold as food in Japan, often times labeled as whale meat. The majority of the world is not aware this is happening. The Taiji cove is blocked off from the public. Cameras are not allowed inside and the media does not cover the story.

If you get a chance to watch it… it will illuminate the injustices taking place in the world of dolpins… by us humans. More info here at TakePart. It is not that sushi is inherently bad…in moderation…but killing whales and dolphins  to mispackage them as meat, when the toxicity level is just too high is just unbearable. The food industries that pay those whalers in Japan should be shut down! The Japanese government needs to do something. And we need to whiplash that government into doing the right thing. It is a lose-lose situation for both dolphins/whales and humans who ingest them. Please sign the petition, if you want to do something. It is on TakePart website.

Plus :: I just found this related article this morning!  – A Whale of Controversy.



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