introduction of new species

A species is defined as introduced (also known as non-indigenous, alien or exotic) in a certain geographical area, if that area is outside the species’ native distributional range, and the species has arrived there by human activity. Introduced species sometimes are damaging to the ecosystem they are introduced into, others negatively affect agriculture and other human uses of natural resources or impact on the health of animals and humans.

There are many ways in which the introduction of non-native or exotic species negatively affects our environment and the diversity of life on our planet. But what would it mean on our moon or other planets? Sounds like the stuff science fictions are made of. Well, now the US Scientists are to grow brussel sprouts (my fav. by the way) on the moon!

According to, the scientists (US scientists) are planning to grow hardy vegetables such as brussels sprouts on the Moon in an experiment to see if a future colony could produce its own food! Paragon Space Development Corporation in Arizona working with NASA unveiled plans to land mini-greenhouses on the moon. These little 1.5 ft tall greenhouses, capable of growing flowers and veges are designed to safely land a laboratory plant on the lunar surface, and protect it while it grows. They call the mini-greenhouse project, “Lunar Oasis”.



The miniature greenhouse is to be launched into space no earlier than 2012 by Odyssey Moon Ltd, a participant in the Google Lunar X Prize, which will reward any project which can launch, land and operate a rover on the lunar surface.

Read the whole article here.

Apparently, Paragon is very keen on developing other similar and very interesting projects that involve experiments of plants and plant-cycles elsewhere in the galaxy or right here on our earth. From their website;


Mars Greenhouse Experiment Module, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
A sealed plant growth chamber designed for deployment on Mars. They have designed the plant growth chamber, including the atmospheric control system and a molecular-level mass balance and flow model for hydrogen, carbon and oxygen throughout the plants’ life cycles.


Closed Ecological Experiment Facility, Tokyo Engineering
Gas Control and Analysis system design for the Closed Ecological Experiment Facility (CEEF) in Japan. CEEF is a human-rated regenerative life support system with controlled plant growth chambers and an animal/human habitat.


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