wind and solar energy-use with style

Much opportunity abounds to be creative and harvest wind and solar energy.  To be eco-friendly and stylish at the same time, how cool and sustainable is that? I spied some of the neatest designs that do just that:

All images courtesy of trendir. thanks.


Mariah Power’s Windspire is a plug-n-produce vertical axis wind turbine that stands 30 feet tall and 2 feet in radius, the Windspire stands out from the crowd due to is sleek propeller-free design. It operates quietly.  With an affordable price tag this Mariah Power vertical wind turbine comes complete with a high-efficiency generator, integrated inverter, hinged monopole and wireless performance monitor. Ideal for rural and suburban homes. Using a rotor, generator and inverter, the 1.2kW turbine produces about 2,000 kilowatt hours a year in winds gusting 12 miles an hour. It even comes with an internal wireless modem – you can check your power production from your computer at any time. Available in a corrosion-resistant silver paint, you can repaint it in any color you choose. It’s also easy to install and comes complete with everything needed to set it up.  Via trendir


Marlec Rutland 504 Windcharger is designed for the eco-friendly boater. You’ll never worry about flat batteries, or have to hassle with refitting them – the Rutland 504 is a small wind generator that charges your battery, giving you the peace-of-mind that you’ll have power whenever you need it. Ideal for boats less than 10m in length and with battery banks around 100Ah, this Marlec wind turbine charges the battery while your boat is docked, and when you’re on the water, will continually top it up. Lightweight and portable, this wind turbine charges in windspeeds as low as 5 knots and is equipped with a safety turbine that joins the six aerofoil blade tips with an outer ring. Its low friction 3 phase alternator runs silent, and offers 360-degree free rotation on its mounting pole. You can even take it off and bring it home with you to use to run a garden pump, fountain or to provide low voltage lighting to a shed or garage.


Ideal for farms and remote locations, the Magenn Power Air Rotor System (MARS) wind turbine floats in the air while tethered to the ground, and removes any obstacles related to placement. This lighter-than-air wind turbine rotates around a horizontal axis wherever the wind is blowing and generates electrical energy. This electrical energy passes down the tether to a transformer and then transferred to the electricity power grid. The MARS Air Rotor is sustained by helium, which transports it to an altitude where it will find the best wind, and its rotation produces a Magnus effect, giving it a extra boost, keeping it stabilized and placing it in a optimal position. Capable of operating in a wider range of wind speeds, the 10 to 25 kW MARS will be available in 2009/10, and is expected to cost between the $5 USD to $10 USD dollar per watt.  via trendir


Multi Directional Wind Turbine Helix Wind S322. It is an inexpensive, reliable and simple turbine, ideal for urban environments with low draw and off-grid applications. Mounted up to 35 feet high, the S322 works well in low speeds and its savonius design features a long helical blade that collects wind from every direction, forcing it through the turbine. This Helix turbine uses the wind to spin the electric generator, which is plugged into your home. During the times of no wind, your home will draw its power from the energy grid like it usually does, and at times when it’s gusting, the multi directional S322 uses the excess energy to roll your meter backwards. You’ll also enjoy its silent operation and its 3D blade is built for easy assembly and toughness. via trendir.


Ikea’s cute and adorable LED lights. They use 70% less energy while lasting four times as long as regular blubs.



Made in the UK, the Inflatable Solar Collecter for Hot Water – SolarStore uses solar heat to warm domestic water – in fact, it can heat up to three full tanks of water, reaching temperatures close to 80°C! Selling for under £100 (about $150 US), the inflatable solar collector is not only cheaper than conventional solar hot water systems on the market (compare at $2,000-$3,000), but can also be used in developing countries as well as on camping trips. Using the process of heat transfer, sunlight passes through the SolarStore’s clear outer layer, and travels down to a black inner layer that holds the water. To keep water hot, it uses the surrounding air between the clear and black layers as insulation. The SolarStore is set to hit the market in the spring of 2009.



Renewable Devices’ Swift rooftop wind energy system is safe, efficient, and a silent building mountable turbine that cuts carbon emissions while reducing your electricity bill. Designed in the UK, this turbine uses aerodynamic technology to generate electricity only when you need it. Ideal for both residential homes and businesses, Swift features an overpower regulation mechanism that controls rotation speed, which comes in handy when you’re dealing with high winds. And you control how much energy is used, thanks to its sophisticated electronic control system. It can be mounted on a rooftop or wall, and works as a stand-alone as well as off grid.

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  1. Solar Energy is one of the best sources of clean and green electricity. I think that we should build more efficient solar thermal power plants and solar cells. frequently. ‘

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