Invasive Species, forewarning:

A new study forecasts when climate factors such as temperature, humidity and rainfall will match at geographically distant airline departure and destination points, which could help to shuffle invasive species, and the diseases they may carry, across the globe along existing flight routes….

The study, published online Jan. 22 in the journal Ecography, and the work, performed in his previous position at the University of Oxford, Andy Tatem predicts a peak risk will be reached in June 2010. That is when multiple factors converge to create a month when the climate factors at many flight origin and destination airports would be most similar…

Invasive species are non-native, alien species whose introduction does, or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health. It can be a plant, animal, or any other biologically viable species that enters an ecosystem beyond its native range. And majority of the major pathways for these invasive species to enter a country involves non other than our-human-selves.

Anyway, about the findings of this new study:

Tatem, who holds a joint position at the Emerging Pathogens Institute and the University of Florida’s geography department, said his model uses the latest forecast data for climate change and air traffic volumes…. The model shows us that climatic shifts are not greatly significant over the next few years,” Tatem said. “But the great increase in traffic volumes from expanding economies in India and China are likely to have a significant effect on moving species….read more here

Well, a drastic climate change of a sort seems imminent sometime in June of 2010 according to this study. As for the invasives, in lieu of getting much bad rep, there are some pros as seen here:

Nevertheless, invasives are a big big problem. Sigh. This map shows the estimated distribution of invasive marine species. Many marine organisms are carried in ballast water or on the hulls of ships.


What can we do?

I am sure there are many solutions including educating and spreading awareness around as well as doing our part in our daily lives.

Finally, in jest as much as in truth, below is the reason that I never wanted to live in the southern part of the US.

Burmese pythons are an invasive species in South Florida and according to The Conservation Report, there is a possibility that these invasive species could spread to one third of the US. gasp.




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