Tree-house Café!

What a great concept! I will have my reservation as soon as the restaurant is ready! (which, according to the news, can be booked, starting tomorrow, right after the scaffolding comes down!!!!).

Anyway, the design by the New Zealand based Pacific Environments Architects, is currently under construction on a site north of Auckland. It is so interesting how it all began. When NZ Yellow Pages conducted a marketing promotion to show how competent they are in helping you complete any project, they decided to really prove it. They started building a restaurant 10 metres up a redwood tree! The main idea was to source all products and services through Yellow Pages listings. Now that’s talking the talk and walking the walk for real. Besides, it looks fantastically exciting; I cannot wait to experience the whimsy of it all!

Check the progress of the Yellow Treehouse!







3 thoughts on “Tree-house Café!

  1. Sencillamente fantastico, a la vez onirico y a la vez real. El desarrollo de la intimidad a partir del arbol o a la crisalida, la sensacion de comfort, la belleza organica, ademas se pude conseguir que el arbol no sufra… eso ya dependera de la accion del hombre, que antes subia a los arboles a por platanos y ahora a tomar un cefecito. Si cuidamos esa interaccion, la cosa funcionara.

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