Trees, trees, trees.

Lack of tree diversity in Worcester, MA is considered the most likely cause of death and vulnerability for the beautiful maple trees there.  A massive infestation of the asian long-horned beetles has ruthlessly plagued thousands of Worcester’s trees, all of which now needs to be sadly chopped down . via NYtimes


In other news, Ilkka Halso’s Tree Museum is a site to see. Ilkka Halso, a Finnish artist, whose works have been investigation of visual world of science, has some amazing concepts… and photography. See more here.
Ilkka’s design intentions in his words, “I make plans and construct visually buildings, which protect nature from threats of pollution and what is more important, from actions of man himself.”



And finally, look at these amazing trees! (bottle baobab, teapot baobab and basket tree respectively) From the 10 most magnificent trees in the world.




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