Mohonk, NY: A look at our region’s geology and ecology

Mohonk Mountain house is a beautiful place to vacation with loved ones. The spa there is very enjoyable I must confess. However, the landscape architect in me was most impressed by the landscape formation and the variety of flowering plants that grow there. The hiking trails, the grounds and the lake that encompass 2,200 acres along the crest of the Shawangunk Mountains are just some of the most picturesque.

Mohonk Preserve is admittedly the largest private, non-profit ecological sanctuary in New York. It covers 6,000 acre along the crest of the northern Shawangunk Mountains and partially surrounds the grounds of the Mohonk House. A system of trails through the Shawangunk Mountains Preserve is wonderful to hike, and the massive Silurian conglomerates are quite amazing. They form high cliffs perfect for rock climbing. These conglomerates were said to have been carried by glacier ice throughout the regions south and east.


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