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New Yorkers for Parks Summer 2008 Internship
New Yorkers for Parks is the city’s oldest and leading independent expert on park conditions, efficiency and funding, working for nearly 100 years to ensure greener, safer, cleaner parks for all New Yorkers.
New Yorkers for Parks advocates for quality parks and recreation services; and believes that the quality of park design depends on the input of future park users. Through our program, we provide conceptual designs and advocacy training to facilitate the implementation of plans and to obtain funding and garner public support for public open space projects.
The Design Intern will be responsible for leading participatory design workshops for community-based organizations and collaborating on community-driven design solutions. He or she will conduct research to support and enhance project ideas and produce conceptual design plans.
Summer of 2008 Program
This summer, we are working on designs for Brigham Street parkland. It is a project that poses the opportunity to design a responsive waterfront landscape grounded in a context of creativity and place.
The proposed Brigham Street Park site is located in City Council District 48 in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. The site is owned by the Department of Parks & Recreation and is currently a garbage strewn lot with a variety of broken fences. It is also the last remaining undeveloped waterfront in this area and is currently used as a parking lot by people fishing from a nearby dock. Citizens and community groups in the area have expressed their concerns about the safety and inaccessibility and requested designs that would transform this vacant lot into a waterfront amenity for all to enjoy.

In Council District 48, there are 2,561 kids per playground and the total acreage of parkland is 5%, less than half the citywide average. The need is great and the community is ready to create visions for a viable park and preserve the last remaining water view in this neighborhood.

Position Requirements
This position is available to students who have completed their second year of graduate school. The Design Intern would have experience in leading workshops, with a strong interest in community service and alternative design practice. The Design Intern would also be self-directed with good public speaking and writing skills, as well as the ability to work comfortably in diverse communities. The Design Intern will work within the framework of client generated response – sharing insights with the client/community partner and responding with their own creative intellect and integrity.
Learning Opportunities
The Design Intern will gain valuable experience in leading participatory workshops, developing innovative design solutions and transforming these visions into conceptual plans. The Design Intern will navigate social, economic, political, and individual forces that affect community development and growth. In doing so, he or she will also explore methods of achieving design goals through the political process. This is a rare opportunity for students to leave their fingerprints on the landscape of New York City. Their community-driven designs will be used by partnering groups to garner public support and to attract funding for development. Many projects completed by City College of New York Design Interns have been implemented.
The Design Intern will be in contact with and receive support from staff members and renowned landscape architects and architects who are members of New Yorkers for Parks Design Advisory Group.
Hours & Timeframe
The internship will span a ten-week period during the summer with an estimated start date of June 4th. Forty hours per week Monday through Friday is required, including occasional evening and weekend meetings. *A generous stipend is included and our internship is Work Study eligible.
The Design Intern will have full use of the New Yorkers for Parks office at 355 Lexington Avenue including a drafting board, computer, phone, fax and copy machine.
Application deadline is April 25th. Please send a cover letter, resume and references by email to Pamela Governale, at pgovernale@aol.com.


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