Saturday help

Thanks for all the great feedbacks guys! I have posted few links on the sidebar that might be useful for us to check it out… and it is a growing list.

The first year students have been working on a model of Red Hook, Brooklyn (at 64 scale) since last week. We have already spent $900+ according to our materials committee! And still counting. Well, this model unlike anything we have done so far, does take up half the open spaces available in our studio. Some of us are already contemplating on how we might want to dispose it afterwards, considering we all want to do it in a most environmentally friendly way possible.

A collaborative job involving all of us, I am happy to say that we have managed to work together rather well. On Saturday, we are putting in the vacant lots by first tracing the shapes and then cutting out different materials to be collaged onto the surfaces. We need help (on Saturday), if anyone can. The other person that I have been working with is out of town till Monday.

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